The Conference of the Birds
Singapore Arts Festival 2011 – 3 & 4 June 2011

About the Show
The Conference of the Birds is an allegorical poem by Farid Uddi Attar adapted for the stage by Peter Brook and Jean-Claude Carriere. The birds of the world embark on a journey to seek their spiritual king, the Simorgh, to answer all their questions and doubts; only to discover at the end that the Simorgh resides within themselves. This staging, realised by Jeremiah Choy, pays tribute to an earlier landmark production, made by theatre luminary the late William Teo, which was performed in a disused warehouse 20 years ago, now the site of the Singapore Repertory Theatre. This performance not only recalls the work of a much loved director (departed in 2001); it is also significant inthat many actors and designers working in theatre today made a start in their careers in that production.

Playwright: Jean Claude Carriere & Peter Brook
Director: William Teo (1957-2001)
Realized by: Jeremiah Choy
Produced by: Orangedot Management

Candice de Rozario
Cara Whitehouse
Chiu Zong Da Robin
Christina Sergeant
Doreen Toh
Eleanor Tan
Elizabeth De Roza
Gene Sharudyn
Isabella Chiam
Karina Sindicich
Kong Yitsim
Marc Valentine Chia
Rama Devi Prasad
Sharda Maxine Harrison
Sirfan Sulaimi
Tan Shou Chen
Wilson Xin

Costume Design: William Teo, Lai Chan and Jeremiah Choy
Lighting Design: Yo Shao Ann
Hair & Styling Consultant: Ashley Lim
Music: Riduan Bin Ramli, Muhammad Fadhli Bin Ramli, Jeremiah Choy
Puppetry Consultant: Tan Beng Tian

Technical Manager: Varian Tan
Props masters: Bino Lee & Nizam Supardi

Production manager: James J. Tay
Stage manager: Jean Zhuang
Asst. Stage manager: Wayne Koh
Stage Coordinators: Xender, Margaret Lisa Linandjaja, Alfred Tang, Freddy Lai, Teo Kuang Han, Liew Park Loong, Daniel Tham, Calvin Chan