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We believe in depolying the "Art of Business" in the "Business of the Arts"

Orangedot Management Pte Ltd (ODM) is formed in 2009, ODM has a vision of creating and producing theatrical productions that will become a vibrant, strong and independent voice in the Singapore arts scene. Helmed by Jeremiah Choy, ODM believes that theatre and arts are a sustainable and viable industry. We believe in depolying the "Art of Business" in the "Business of the Arts".

ODM has partnered with The Arts house in a joint venture, Play Den Productions, with the intention of curating, germinating and producing honest, intimate Singapore theatre productions, with a universal appeal. We have produced 2 seasons of Play Den productions and now in the midst of producing the third season. ODM has also produced several Singapore Arts Festival projects, such as Emily of Emerald Hill (2010), Conference of the Birds (2011) and The Flight of the Jade Bird (2012) (which also went to the Hong Kong New Vision Arts Festival in 2012).

ODM has also invested, as part of Asia On Stage, in DragonTales, a musical that is incubated in Manila, the Phillippines. It also produced Selamat as part of Spotlight Singapore Cape Town (2011) and Living Dreams as part of Spotlight Brastilava and Prague (2012).