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We strive to provide our client with unique experiences

Orangedot Productions (ODP), the first of the 4 companies, began in 1997. It provides services in the consultancy, management and production of special events. Since its beginnings, ODP has established many close and working relationships with various government bodies, private corporations, agencies and individual clients, many of them are repeat clients.

As a special events company, ODP takes pride in creating original, interesting and innovative projects and events. We strive to provide our clients with unique experiences that are exclusive and distinctively different from what is currently in the market.

Our value-added artistic concepts and productions are specially and specifically designed to cater to the exact and explicit needs of our clients. We ensure that they enjoy a refreshingly novel and memorable experience.

Some of the projects that ODP has been involved are: Singapore Biennale (2006, 2008), Singapore Heritage Festival (2007-8, 2010-12), IMF/World Bank Meetings (2006), APEC meetings (2009), May Day Rally (2006-11), Singapore RiverFest (2008-9), Regenerating Communities (2011-12) and ChildAid (2011-12).

Orangedot Entertainment(ODE) provides the "soft-ware" of events productions - creative concepts and programming. We work with our fellow event companies and complement their events with our forte - the provision of talents and artistic programming.