"Satu jiwa...dua badan"
"One soul/sprit.. two bodies/separate bodies"

Salusuah explores the very acts of daily ritual and routine to re-engage the body mind and soul through protagonist Gani, Born into a family of mixed parentage. These struggles often made Gani feel disoriented and lost.

He was brought up in a predominately Hokkien neighbourhood, speaking English at home; learning Mandarin as a second language and then Malay in secondary school. He attended a Methodist mission school for seven years; was exposed to the Catholic faith from his father and Islam from his grandmother.

There was a desperate desire to know "Who am I?" "Where do I fit in?" and "Why am I here?"

Embark on a journey with Gani in his discovery and self reflection on his reconnections with himself as he seeks solace in the wise words of wisdom from his “Mak” (which means mother in Malay but a term he uses affectionately for his grandmother). Directed by Jeremiah Choy and produced by Alfred Tang, this poignant theatrical play is set to redefine standards and questions the status quo existing within our various communities.

Director : Jeremiah Choy
Playwright: Gani Karim & Jeremiah Choy
Performer: Gani Karim
Sound and Digital Imagery Designer: Casey Lim
Set and Lighting Designer: Ken Ikeda
Costume Design: Lai Chan

Artistic Curator: Jeremiah Choy
Producer: Alfred Tang