"Salusuah" is an Indonesian word that has no direct English translation. It suggests something like "to feel one’s body", and thus to understand or express one’s authentic self.

This moving semi-autobiographical drama, written and performed by acclaimed Singaporean actor/singer/dancer Gani Abdul Karim, recounts the life of its main character, Gani. Born into a family of mixed parentage (Catholic on his father’s side and Muslim on his mother’s side), he struggles with his daily rituals and routines. In his at tempts to re-engage his body, mind and soul, he often feels disoriented and lost, constantly seeking acommunity where he feels accepted and at home, and forever asking "Who am I?", "Where do I fit in?" and "Why am I here?".

Follow Gani on his quest of self-reflection and discovery as he seeks solace in the wise advice of his beloved "Mak" (grandmother).

This poignant play is set to redefine standards and question the status quo of our various communities

Director : Jeremiah Choy
Playwright: Gani Karim & Jeremiah Choy
Performer: Gani Karim
Sound and Digital Imagery Designer: Casey Lim
Set and Lighting Designer: Ken Ikeda
Costume Design: Lai Chan

Artistic Curator: Jeremiah Choy
Producer: Alfred Tang