>Mega Events
   -May Day Rally 2011 - 50th Anniversary
   -Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Meetings 2009
   -Young NTUC National Day 2008
   -Young NTUC National Day 2007
   -IMF World Bank Meetings 2006- Welcome Reception at the Waterfront
   -IMF World Bank Meetings 2006-Welcome Tea Reception for Spouses at Jewelbox
   -May Day Rally 2006
   -International Indian Film Academy Awards 2004
   -Uniquely Singapore Brand Launch 2004

   -Asia on the Edge 2011 - Opening Ceremony
   -Singapore Heritage Fest 2011
   -Night Festival 2010 - New World
   -Asia on The Edge 2009 - Jing
   -Singapore River Festival 2009 - River Romance
   -Singapore Heritage Fest 2009
   -Singapore Heritage Fest 2008
   -Singapore River Festival 2008 - Legenda Singapura
   -Singapore Biennale 2008 (Wonder)
   -Singapore Heritage Fest 2007
   -Singapore Biennale 2006 (Belief)

>Corporate/School Events
   -Law Cares 2011
   -p.L.a.Y! (Performing with Love by Active Youths) 2007 to 2011
   -Raffles Hotel Bridal Show 2010
   -Irderto Ruby Nite 2009- Celebrating 40 Years of Innovation
   -Law Reach 2009
   -Macallan- Masters of Photography
   -Raffles Hotel Bridal Show 2009
   -Beam Global- Courvoisier
   -Singapore Totalisator Board 20th Anniversary 2008
   -Irdeto Digital Rocks 2007
   -Law Awareness Weekend 2007
   -Irdeto Mobile Groovy Party 2006
   -AMKSS 2005- Theatre and Dance in Curriculum, NOMAD (Arts Festival)
   -The Law Awareness Weekend 2003 (The Child and The Family)
   -The Singapore Law Society Prime Law Launch 2003

>Special Events
   -Regenerating Communities @ Empress Place
   -ChildAid Concert 2011
   -Spotlight Singapore in Cape Town, 2011
   -Singapore Festivarts 2010, Paris
   -Voices of Singapore, 2010 - In Celebration of Youth Olympic Games
   -Because U Care, 2009
   -A Labour of Love Musical, 2007
   -Singapore Season 2007, Shanghai



>Play Den Productions
   -Someday, Samsara, 2010
   -Shoppping For Chopin, 2010
   -Salusuah - Hong Kong Fringe Club, 2010
   -A Christmas Adam, 2009
   -The Devil's Encore, 2009
   -These Children Are Dead, 2009

>Theatre Productions
   -Singapore Arts Festival 2010, Conference of the Birds
   -DragonTales (Manila) 2010
   -Singapore Arts Festival 2009, Emily of Emerald Hill



>Gani Abdul Karim
>Jeremiah Choy