Someday, Samsara

What’s an English Woman doing in the Chinese Ten Courts of Hell? Getting judged and punished for her sins, of course. Those demons and judges, they don’t scare her. Her past, however- that’s another thing altogether. Join her on her journey thorough memory, imagination and regret, as she discovers that after a lifetime in Singapore, the Hell that greets her upon her death is no less a foreign land

Someday, Samsara was developed in the TheatreWorks Writers’ Laboratory from May 2007 to February 2010 with dramaturgy by Robin Loon. The Laboratory presented a dramatized reading of an earlier version.

Directed by: Christina Sergeant
Dramaturg: Robin Loon
Sound Designer: John Sharpley
Performed by: Sandy Phillips, Karina Sindicich, Ian Tan
Costume and Styling: Lai Chan& Jeremiah Choy

Artistic Curator: Jeremiah Choy
Producer: Alfred Tang