The Devil’s Encore

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our jazz club, right here in the middle of nowhere. Tonight, we will serve you the usual: This one will play the piano, and the other will sing and tell you some stories. Like the tale of his dead lover, who’s come back to haunt him.

You see, his lover appeared to him in his dreams and said, "Let me possess you, body and soul, for a few hours each night. There are songs I must sing, stories I must tell, but I can only do it as you. Besides, we’ll be together again. Is that not what you’ve been praying for?"

So will he agree to take a bite off the forbidden fruit? Or perhaps he has already been bewitched, bothered and bewildered? Sit back, relax, and listen to the jazz that he will sing. Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll find out a little something about that old devil called love.

The Devil’s Encore is written and directed by award-winning playwright Bryan Tan, performed by Robin Goh and accompanied by Julian Wong on piano. It presents a bitter-sweet meditation on the duality of life and death, love and loss, against a haunting medley of jazz standards.

Director : Bryan Tan
Playwright : Bryan Tan
Performer : Robin Goh
Pianist: Julian Wong
Sound and Digital Imagery Designer: Casey Lim
Lighting and Set Designer: Ken Ikeda
Costume and Styling: Lai Chan

Artistic Curator: Jeremiah Choy
Producer: Alfred Tang