The Swing Thing
NUS Arts Festival 2013
23 March 2013

"I don’t want to be someone who walks away so easily. I’m here to stay to make the difference that I can make."

6 young people, presently at different stages of their life, revisit their experiences of studying at National University of Singapore. Their simple yet compelling vignettes about finding love and acceptance, discovering their true purpose in life, swinging between the pursuit of a degree and their passion, discovering their true purpose in life, appreciating what "Home" means and accepting that everything flows in the process of growing up are woven through music, dance, images and song into one heartwarming show that reminds us how life in NUS has perhaps triggered questions in our lives and changed us into more extraordinary people than we may realise.

Conceptualised and directed by Jeremiah Choy, The Swing Thing is the closing show for the NUS Arts Festival 2013.

Director: Jeremiah Choy
Produced by NUS CFA

Alexander Yuen
Cai Jiahui
Goh Huai Zhi
Jay Che
Prasanthi Ram
Stephanie Phang

The Tele Band: Jason (Drums)
Lin Junrong (Guitar)
Jonathan Lim Ye-Jie (Guitar)
Julius Caesar Bagus Wicaksono (Bass)
Chua Si Min (Keyboards)
Hoop Artist: Amin Alifin
Let Me Fall Dancers: Dinie Dasuki, Fadhuli Fauzi
Circus in motion performers: Edward Chua, Ernie Tan, Ahmad Firdaus
Contemporary Dancers: NUS Dance Ensemble
No Mojo: Sanjay Krishnan, Jae Lee
Bottle Whistler: Able Ho
Sand Artist: Goh Soo Cheng
Singer: Lee Yin Wei
Interviewees: Professor Bernard Tan, Ms Joanna Wong, Aparna Nambiar, Aswani Aswath, Chin Hui Min, Erin Tan, Gu Shi Min, Koh Swee Jin, Lim Xue En

Creative Team
Creative Director: Jeremiah Choy
Dramaturg: Low Kee Hong
Sound Artist: Louis Quek
Multimedia Designer: Sam Nai
Lighting Designer: Adrian Tan
Set Designer: Patrick Larsen
Assistant Set Designer: Tan Jun Yin
Costume Designer: Lai Chan
Vocal Coach: Babes Conde
Dance Choreographer for NUS Dance Ensemble: Zaini Tahir

Administrative & Technical Team
Associate Producers: Soon Kin, Cheung Hoi Yan
Technical Manager: Kenny Wong
Production stage manager: Wang Liansheng
Assistant Stage Manager: Lim Chin Pin
Production Assistant: Khalid Bin Supandi
Production Coordinator: Rajandra Vadivale