These Children Are Dead

The first one takes you by surprise. The second teaches you difference. The third explains that the same rules do not apply. The fourth shows that there is room for more. The fifth renews your faith. The sixth child breaks your heart.

Huang Wei (1914 – unknown) was a painter. He was could-have-been who never was. Huang Wei didn’t paint like his contemporaries. He never went to Paris, not even Bali. He painted quietly for years in his studio in Joo Chiat. And then one day, he disappeared.

He left behind a total of 76 paintings and a few journals, discovered in the attic of an abandoned shophouse. So who was Huang Wei? What do these haunting portraits of children tell us about Singapore, art and history?

Join curator Nora Samosir as she assembles the life of the artist through these paintings, journals, letters, oral history interviews, and in so doing, paints a portrait of a heartbreak.

How do you calculate a departure? Not by the hours or minutes but a moment. An instant when the decision was made. To leave.

Lecture Performance: Nora Samosir
Paintings: Huang Wei
Text: Kaylene Tan
Sound and Image Design: Casey Lim
Exhibition: Salon Projects
Space Design and Direction: Ken Ikeda

Artistic Curator: Jeremiah Choy
Producer: Alfred Tang